Tornado Profile

Tornado Consumer Goods LTD. is a privately owned company that was established in 1989 and is based in Israel. The company specializes in air-conditioning solutions.

During its first years of activity, the company distributed its air-conditioning systems exclusively by distribution channels that specializing in air-conditioning consultation and installment, air conditioning system retailers and authorized installers.Thanks to the quality and durability of our products, Tornado has become the most favored, highly regarded and recommended air conditioner brand among professional installers.

In 2007, Tornado launched its air conditioner brand marketing campaign and began distributing its brand products through all distribution channels including consumer electronics retailers and electronics stores.

Tornado’s hallmark marketing style with its innovative and humoristic approach has created a high profile brand which quickly became the most well-known and popular air conditioner brand in Israel.

Tornado’s line of products includes over 80 modals which offer a variety of air-conditioning solutions and benefits that cater to a wide market segment and respond to a broad range of demands. The company offers cutting edge air-conditioning systems in a wide range of capacities, sizes, designs and technologies, in categories including multi split air conditioners, duct AC's and multi systems, using On/Off and Inverter technologies.

The company operates one of Israel’s leading customer service arrays. Tornado's service array includes dozens of technicians, services representatives and some of the industry’s leading experts, who are committed to the highest standards of service on site and in the company’s service labs. The company’s service array is operated by advanced service management systems controlled by the company’s command and control center.

Tornado’s customer’s enjoy an extended 3-year warranty for all air conditioner systems and an extended 5-year warranty for premium air conditioning systems, attesting to the company’s faith in the quality, reliability and long term durability of its products and to the emphasis the it places on customer service.

Tornado has established the Tornado VIP, Israel's largest and most professional installer association. The association has some 400 members who are among the leading installers in the field of air conditioning systems. The company meticulously selects its certified installers after assessing the quality and level of their service and ascertaining their reliability and trustworthiness. The Tornado VIP installers are the company's recommended certified installers for Tornado air conditioning systems.

Tornado is the leader of Israel’s air conditioning sector
Tornado sets new standards of service, innovation, design and environmental and social responsibility.

Being highly customer service oriented, we make sure our customers enjoy quick response times and professional, efficient and faithful service.

Tornado spearheads innovation with the revolutionary inverter system integrated in 30 of its models, which are the most advanced systems on Israel’s market. Moreover, the company markets innovative secondary products which enhance the benefits customer derive from their air-conditioning systems, including telephone remote control systems, Air management control systems and smart presence-detectors.

As a socially responsible company, Tornado encourages customers to purchase energy efficient and environmental friendly air conditioning systems. The company invests vast resources in conveying to the market and consumers the message that inverter air conditioning systems are significantly more energy-efficient and are thus yield better value for money and are the “greenest” systems on the market.

Tornado offers air conditioners with innovative and sleek designs including concealed units and slim units in an assortment of colors including: Glossy Black, Silver, Champaign; White and Pearl White.

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